buster cases


TOW - 1 stacked and ready to go


TOW 1   Standard twin decks + 19 rack mount mixer tower. Opens out to this.



TOW 2   Twin CD players (front loading) + mixer



TOW  3   Twin CD players (top loading) + mixer.


A more simple version of the TOWER system. 12 singles/albums go in the base section;  CDs in the middle section, with a detachable top lid.  Take the lid off & place the CD section on the top of it.  This should leave you with the base revealing your 12 vinyl.  Both vinyl & CDs should be at approximately the same height for your ease & convenience.

CD + S 1
           Will take approximately 120 x 12 Singles + 120 CDs

CD + S 2            Will take approximately 180 x 12 Singles + 180 CDs

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